“The body hides the tears the eyes refuse to weep”

Irritible bowel, bloating, constipation, anxiety, fertility issues and stress
are just some of the the undigested emotions held in the body that show up as pain and disease.

Healing and bodywork comes in many forms and are vital at many times in our lives. Sometimes we just need a tune up and otherLaurelleCNT_Orb2-225x300 times we need to move through a deep issue that is surfacing for us to to look at and release.  When we are unable to find and work with the root cause of our distress, the body gives us symptoms that may present in the form of  aches and pains to even serious illness. When we can give ourselves the gift of acknowledging our body and the signals it is sending us, we are in a better position to work toward healing.

Most of us know that emotional stress aggravates our body symptoms.  But many aren’t aware that poor function of an organ due to lifestyle, disease, or injury aggravates our emotions and related behaviors.  While this psychosomatic cycle of connections (emotions-organ-behavior-organ) works against us in the wounding phase, it can benefit us in the healing phase.  For example, if we can heal an emotional wound and alter our behavior, the associated organ will begin to improve.  The reverse is also true.  If we assist the function of the impaired organ with an internal organ centered therapy like Chi Nei Tsang, (Unwinding the belly) or  Visceral Manipulation, the emotions and related behavior will also begin to transform.  We can  then move through our lives more clear and confident.

It has been my  experience  to witness this as I work with clients in releasing undigested emotions held in the body.  These emotions that have not had an avenue of expression in order to be released, are waiting to be “heard” and can be gently released.

I notice that often, as soon as a client makes an appointment with me, the body begins the process of allowing itself to align with the process of healing that is inherent in every person.  When we meet and begin the session, the body shows me where the restrictions are, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, or any combination thereof.  Depending on how long these issues have been buried, and how deep, is a factor in how easily they will be released.  I have had a great deal of success in clients seeing and experiencing a significant decrease in their sypmtoms in a very short time.

I have been utlizing  a variety of healing modalities in my practices for many years. My deepest intention is to care  for and transform ourselves into our fullest potential, thus experiencing the power of our  Soul. I know first hand how we can be out of sync with ourself and our lives when the demands of life pull us away from our essential self.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi,

    I’m friends with Brea, she said you have an opening tomorrow. I would LOVE to receive from you.

    I had a baby 6.5 months ago and some heart ache previous. My systems need some love.

    My only “problem” is I don’t have a babysitter…. what are the chances you could do a home visit? I have a massage table and/or studio space…

    • Hello,

      Hmmmm, that might pose a problem for me, as my opening is between clients. What part of the city do you live?
      I assume the baby will be awake and up during the session, which is typically 90 min to 2 hrs, which would not give you a chance to go deeply into the session.
      I will be back the weekend of Oct 27/28. If you are still interested, that may work better as it would give you some time to arrange a sitter for the 2 plus hours.
      If Oct works for you I will book you in for Fri or Sat and let you know the times available.
      Warm Regards

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